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Server Updates

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1 Server Updates on Sat Jan 30, 2016 3:28 am

Fixed the mysterious teleport, what stopped you guys from teleporting around the server so that's good.,
::players - Lists the amount of players online
::playerlist - shows a list of all players online.
::toggleyell - Toggles all the global arguments.
::yellcolor [hex color code] - Changes the color of your yell messages.
::resetyellcolor - Resets your yell color to its default.
::shadecolor [hex color code] - Adds a shadow to your yell messages.
::resetshadecolor - Resets your shade color to its default.
::dummies - Teleports you to an exclusive area for practice combat For Donators only <
Removed the tutorial, from the server
Added in a Custom made "gear lists" so you guys don't have to keep typing ::Gear main you'll find that in the quest tab, once you folks come on that's about it for now <3

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