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Kiln Guide on what to use

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1 Kiln Guide on what to use on Sun Jan 31, 2016 10:37 pm

copy this gear:
use ::itemn

arcane spirit shield
ganodermic poncho.
ganodermic visor.
ganodermic leggings.
arcane stream necklace.
ragefire boots.
armadyl battlestaff.
spellcaster gloves (white). or barrows gloves kills).
seers' ring.
saradomin cape. (any god cape)

copy this inventory:
-2 overload flasks (6)
-2 prayer renewal flasks (6)
- enhanced excalibur (special attack heal up after overload)
- armadyl rune
- steel of legends scroll
- extra steel titan pouch incase it glitches out or something
- 12 saradomin brew flasks (6)
- 4 super restore flasks (6)
you really won't be needing this many brews,
just incase you disconect,lag,or mess up soulsplit flicking or pray switching jad

4 empty slots for the crystals

1) restore crystal: heals you to full hp
2) invul crystal: you won't take any damage for a couple seconds
3) constitution crystal: heals you + boosts your hitpoints/constitution
4) magic crystal: boosts your magic level to level 148,ONLY USED for the boss !

for the boss:
- activate your magic crystal(s)
- storm every tentacle (you can just soulsplit because you'l 1 hit them)
- storm boss when it spawns.

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